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Mostly Peaceful Protests

Make America Weak Again - Mostly Peaceful Protests
MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS COMPANY BIO Have you recently offended black voters and need to deflect their discontent? Are you trailing in the polls to your conservative opponent because of recent insensitive comments?  We can help.  We are Mostly Peaceful Protests.  Coordinating with our friends in the mainstream media and social media, we can stir up a diversion that can last anywhere from a few days of looting to an entire summer of civil unrest; whatever is necessary to take the heat off you and direct it at your opponent on the other side of the isle.  Remember Joe Biden’s famous “Then You Ain’t Black” gaffe.  We fixed that, and we can do the same for you. We partner with groups like BLM and Antifa to relieve business owners of their surplus inventory, as well as remodel their brick-and-mortar storefronts; often with the help of insurance claims.  And we are experts in logistics.  Need hundreds of identical protest signs that all look handmade?  Maybe you need a pallet of bricks strategically placed on a hard to access street corner, or you need to outfit your group with matching uniforms and armor.  We have you covered.  Does the problem of people having real jobs leave you with too few people to put on a real protest?  We can bus or fly in professional protestors to make your protest one for the ages.  We have the infrastructure in place to deliver supplies and coordinate troop movements so precisely that police agencies will be trapped behind shields and barriers for hours.  We are Mostly Peaceful Protests. MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS T-SHIRTS