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Equality or Equity? Don’t buy the lies.
By William Fordson | |
The left has introduced a new buzzword into the American vocabulary; Equity. They chose this word very carefully, as they aways do. It sounds so
Winning By Default. Why Billionaires Fund Socialist/Marxist Agenda
By William Fordson | |
Does anyone ever wonder why billionaires who made their fortunes via some of the most cut throat capitalistic manuevers in history fund and throw their
The 2020 City of Detroit General Election Results
By Michelle Mugwump | |
An objective and unbiased report on the City of Detroit 2020 Presidential Election. An analysis of certified public data for 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020.
Why Are We Using Gender Neutral Pronouns?
By Michelle Mugwump | |
What exactly are gender neutral pronouns? Is the world ready to re-engineer society because of 0.2% of the population's feelings? A progressive vs. conservative debate.
The End of the Pandemic: Dem Poll Numbers are Plummeting.
By William Fordson | |
Many on the right have questioned the effectiveness off mask requirements and vaccine mandates. I was one of them. But now that the end of
We are O-BLM – Our Black Lives Matter
By William Fordson | |
We are O-BLM.  We are a quadrennially (sometimes biennially) active for-profit organization who receives the bulk of our income from woke corporations (and those trying


Mostly Peaceful Protests
By William Fordson | |
MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS COMPANY BIO Have you recently offended black voters and need to deflect their discontent? Are you trailing in the polls to your
By Beauregard Bolshevik | |
OPEC COMPANY BIO The Earth is our only home, and we must all do our part to protect its environment for generations to come.  We
Epstein Island Travel
By Patricia Patriot | |
EPSTEIN ISLAND TRAVEL COMPANY BIO Everyone loves Beautiful Island Getaways, and many of us who have achieved success feel a need to give back and