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Epstein Island Travel

Epstein Island Travel by MAWA, Make America Weak Again
EPSTEIN ISLAND TRAVEL COMPANY BIO Everyone loves Beautiful Island Getaways, and many of us who have achieved success feel a need to give back and help the next generation.  Epstein Island Travel has a mission like no other.  We foster mentoring programs where we connect at risk youth with people of great power and influence, and we do it in one of the most beautiful island resorts you will ever experience.  Our people of influence work with our youth in private one on one settings, or sometimes in groups, to teach the next generation what power and money can provide.   Our youth are recruited by experts and flown via private jet to our island oasis.  We would love to share our list of VIPs, but these wonderful people prefer, out of humble servitude, to remain anonymous; making our private list something to die for.  Epstein Island Travel:  Bringing people together. EPSTEIN ISLAND TRAVEL T-SHIRTS