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Mostly Peaceful Protests

MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS COMPANY BIO Have you recently offended black voters and need to deflect their discontent? Are you trailing in the polls to your conservative opponent because of recent insensitive comments?  We can help.  We are Mostly Peaceful Protests.  Coordinating with our friends in the mainstream media and social media, we can stir up a diversion that can last anywhere from a few days of looting to an entire summer of civil unrest; whatever is necessary to take the heat off you and direct it at your opponent on the other side of the isle.  Remember Joe Biden’s famous “Then You Ain’t Black” gaffe.  We fixed that, and we can do the same for you. We partner with groups like BLM and Antifa to relieve business owners of their surplus inventory, as well as remodel their brick-and-mortar storefronts; often with the help of insurance claims.  And we are experts in logistics.  Need hundreds of identical protest signs that all look handmade?  Maybe you need a pallet of bricks strategically placed on a hard to access street corner, or you need to outfit your group with matching uniforms and armor.  We have you covered.  Does the problem of people having real jobs leave you with too few people to put on a real protest?  We can bus or fly in professional protestors to make your protest one for the ages.  We have the infrastructure in place to deliver supplies and coordinate troop movements so precisely that police agencies will be trapped behind shields and barriers for hours.  We are Mostly Peaceful Protests. MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS T-SHIRTS


OPEC COMPANY BIO The Earth is our only home, and we must all do our part to protect its environment for generations to come.  We all know that drilling on American soil is extremely bad for the environment, and it must be stopped.  One only needs to watch the major news outlets or read an entertainer’s social media page to understand how close we are to peril.  It is with that common goal, that we at OPEC FULLY embrace America’s Green New Deal and the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better plans, and will do whatever we can to ensure their complete (word for installation).  to cut domestic oil production by restricting drilling on American Soil and blocking the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.  Studies from Brooklyn CC and over a dozen Universities in OPEC Nations, have found conclusive evidence that oil produced in the Middle East, South America and Russia, then transported it via fossil fuel powered ships across oceans, produces 75% less carbon emissions than drilling on American Soil and transporting it via domestic pipelines.  Other Studies have concluded that Russian Pipelines are 300% safer than American Pipelines because they are controlled by oligarchs without the interference of U.S. government regulators such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and therefore should receive worldwide support.  OPEC oil may be more costly, and reduce your national security, but we all need to do our part because Drilling on American Soil is BAD for the Environment.  OPEC T-SHIRTS

Epstein Island Travel

EPSTEIN ISLAND TRAVEL COMPANY BIO Everyone loves Beautiful Island Getaways, and many of us who have achieved success feel a need to give back and help the next generation.  Epstein Island Travel has a mission like no other.  We foster mentoring programs where we connect at risk youth with people of great power and influence, and we do it in one of the most beautiful island resorts you will ever experience.  Our people of influence work with our youth in private one on one settings, or sometimes in groups, to teach the next generation what power and money can provide.   Our youth are recruited by experts and flown via private jet to our island oasis.  We would love to share our list of VIPs, but these wonderful people prefer, out of humble servitude, to remain anonymous; making our private list something to die for.  Epstein Island Travel:  Bringing people together. EPSTEIN ISLAND TRAVEL T-SHIRTS