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We are O-BLM – Our Black Lives Matter

We are O-BLM.  We are a quadrennially (sometimes biennially) active for-profit organization who receives the bulk of our income from woke corporations (and those trying to appear woke) during our active years.  We then use those accumulated riches to sustain our leadership team and partners during our dormant periods between election cycles because "Our Black Lives Matter."  Our black lives include our leadership team as well as white liberal politicians; all who benefit financially from the monetary donations of the previously mentioned corporations.

No one can argue against the three words "Black Lives Matter" because the statement "black lives matter" is absolutely true even if our organization represents a completely different mission.  This allows us to soften our image and gain support from people who agree with the statement 'black lives matter', but who would otherwise disagree with what we actually do and teach. Much like planned parenthood, whose actual mission is to PREVENT, not plan, PARENTHOOD, our focus is not on saving thousands of black lives a year, or on improving millions of black lives using time tested and proven solutions like education and the strengthening the nuclear family.  Rather, we use tragedies in the black community to anger black voters, shake down corporate donors, and then funnel that cash to radical liberal organizations and democrat political campaigns through our collection agency "Act Blue." In exchange for creating civil unrest, shaking down corporations, and shaming political opponents, we receive a portion of those donations; netting millions of dollars for our leadership team.  This has allowed us to each own multiple large scale homes in predominantly white neighborhoods where we can escape the violence and rot that our programs foster in black communities. Because OUR Black Lives matter MORE than yours.

During slavery, white democrats worked tirelessly to break down the black family unit by selling off family members, and making it illegal for slaves to learn to read and write, knowing that a stable and educated nuclear family was a serious threat to their power.  For the next hundred years, black people survived thanks to a tight knit culture comprised of church, the nuclear family and HBCU's.  In fact, for much of the first hundred years following the civil war, a higher percentage of black babies were born and raised in a two parent household than was seen for white babies.  It was these strong community and family bonds that allowed many black people to thrive in black communities and black business districts like Black Wall Street in America despite the horrific racism they faced under Jim Crow.

That all changed in the 60's.  We had to rebrand in order to wrestle control of the black vote from the republican party.  We quickly learned that government programs were the ticket to OUR prosperity. Our programs have driven down graduation rates, increased the percentage of black babies being born out of wedlock to over 75%, have increased the percentage of black people living in poverty, and have violent crime out of control in black neighborhoods. Breaking down black families and communities, and blaming the problems on our political opponents who do not govern them has been the perfect formula for our sustained success. Just imagine if we ever actually fixed the problems plaguing inner cities... they would no longer need us.  That is why we promise solutions that never materialize, and accuse our opponents of trying to take them away.  It is pure genius.

How did we do it? Today, we at OBLM promote the false concept of the nuclear family as well as math and other learning being racist in nature. By encouraging black people to make choices that are detrimental to their future success, we ensure their dependence on our government programs and their loyalty to liberal politicians during elections. We have even conditioned many black people to ignore the high numbers of violent crimes in the black community, particularly black on black violent crimes such as murder as racist dog whistles. Calling facts and statistics racist has been highly effective for us in getting people to ignore them.

Imagine if the majority of black citizens knew that less than a dozen unarmed black people a year are killed by police in a country of 350,000,000 people, or that they have a 10 times greater chance of being killed by a random falling object like like a tree branch of a hammer, than of being killed by police while committing a crime.  Or that they are 30 times more likely to die from falling out of a chair, or from falling down stairs than they are of being killed by police WHILE committing a crime. And these numbers are based on 'if you are committing a crime.' These numbers change exponentially for the rest of the black population. But that doesn't stop us from promoting the narrative that police are hunting innocent black people.

We can't even imagine what would happen to our movement and our funding if people understood that an innocent black person is more than 5,000 times more likely to be killed by another black person than they are of being killed by a police officer. Our money shot is video on social media or the mainstream media of one of the handful of unarmed black people being shot by police a year. And we use the misperception that seeing something covered extensively on social media is evidence that it is prevalent in society.  Even LeBron James has stated publicly that he fears for his life if he is pulled over by police, even though there has never been one famous black person killed by police; only people made famous by being shot or killed. 

The trick is that we sell the lie that it is an out of control problem happening every day.  Then we have our friends in the media play images over and over when they do happen, so it seems to be everywhere. And we set the bar at a level that is impossible to achieve; absolute perfection by police where zero people are ever killed. By setting this impossible standard, we ensure our own perpetual existence. These images are powerful, and move the average person to action based on their anger.  But if people knew that in contrast to the 3 dozen unarmed people of all races each year killed by police, there are over 300,000 innocent people killed by medical malpractice, most people would be commending police for their amazing job performance and throwing bricks at doctors and nurses. But again, we should not point that out and risk taking the focus off defunding the police, and further endangering the lives of people living in predominantly black communities because we need to keep our narrative going, so the money keeps flowing.  Because Our Black Lives Matter more than yours.


OPEC COMPANY BIO The Earth is our only home, and we must all do our part to protect its environment for generations to come.  We all know that drilling on American soil is extremely bad for the environment, and it must be stopped.  One only needs to watch the major news outlets or read an entertainer’s social media page to understand how close we are to peril.  It is with that common goal, that we at OPEC FULLY embrace America’s Green New Deal and the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better plans, and will do whatever we can to ensure their complete (word for installation).  to cut domestic oil production by restricting drilling on American Soil and blocking the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.  Studies from Brooklyn CC and over a dozen Universities in OPEC Nations, have found conclusive evidence that oil produced in the Middle East, South America and Russia, then transported it via fossil fuel powered ships across oceans, produces 75% less carbon emissions than drilling on American Soil and transporting it via domestic pipelines.  Other Studies have concluded that Russian Pipelines are 300% safer than American Pipelines because they are controlled by oligarchs without the interference of U.S. government regulators such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and therefore should receive worldwide support.  OPEC oil may be more costly, and reduce your national security, but we all need to do our part because Drilling on American Soil is BAD for the Environment.  OPEC T-SHIRTS

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